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"SRO" (sleeping room only) ©1994
 96"w x 72"h x 4"d lead, wire, & wood 


Social Seclusion: City of Dreams


Sitting in boxes
Hidden from reality 
Consistence of self

Socialites in strife
Isolated thoughts within
Total distraction

Caged realism
Elements of self-pity
Deprived sacrifice

Senseless emotions
Loneliness implores mercy
Bodies shake and sway

Reaching for something
Crashing faceless onto floor
Where nothing exists


Social seclusion

The mind and body resist

Muffled exposure


Single families
Lifeless together

Alone from the start
Oppression is a birthright
A social order

Caste society
Exacted isolation
imposed suffering

Shuttered ray of sun
A shimmer of light transposed
Bright human beings

Senseless frustration
Upholding the foundation
American dream


~Wesley J Cox

© 2020

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