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This new abstract sculpture series represents the cold, imposed conformity of the humanly constructed concrete, steel, and asphalt of the city. This is the world where I grew up; unaware of the beautiful and naturally occurring world which existed beyond my reach. 


Created entirely of repurposed materials, these works incorporate both my past and present experiences through familiar used materials. By combining these materials, i.e. cardboard, plastics, fabric, and scrap metals, through the patina process I am able to reflect time and the structure of the urban environment.

Each of these pieces encompasses subtle color, geometric shapes, textures, and movement while displaying the subtle organic beauty and simplicity of natural design hidden within. These works are representative of modern-day constructions comprised of geometric forms. They mirror manufactured creations while also personifying organic, earthen origins. 


This body of work combines basic forms and defined structure to reflect the evolution of human conformity resulting in a loss of our humanity by a world that is continually consumed by a predominantly economic need and desire for more.

P. Kloczkowski Luberda



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