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"Freedom II" ©2020
5"w x 13"h x 5"d  
handbuilt stoneware & rope

freedom s_edited.jpg
Freedom J_edited_edited_edited_edited_ed


Living a life not of personal design,

But of chosen path and pace.

Free to choose of our own device,

Within limited time and space.


Viewing choices through tunnel vision

Ordinary perspectives believed our own. 

Freedom to live an inherited purpose.

While reaping a harvest we had never sown.


Birthrights grant continuation;

Caste society exploits humanity's name.

Elitists scheme at every level;

United, our states remain the same.

Rest your hands upon the table

Wrapped in freedom’s ivory threads.

Reach for more than birth provided:

Raise your hands or bow your heads.


What would one give to change dimension?

Will limb or life or mind suffice?

My hands are tied to my frustrations.

Freedom became my sacrifice.

~Wesley J Cox

© 2020

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